Promotion and advertising bureau

If you are interested in:

  • placing your advertisement
  • media sponsorship
  • inviting us to your events (fairs, conferences, business meetings)
  • making copies of our magazine available to your customers
  • any other kind of marketing or sales cooperation

Please do not hesitate to contact our Promotion and Advertising Bureau.

T: +48 12 311 77 90: M: + 48 502 302 875
Magazyn PRESTIŻ who is who
ul. B. Chrobrego 22/6, 32 – 020 Wieliczka, Polska

Price list of advertising space in Magazyn PRESTIŻ who is who:

Dimensions of advertising Ad format Price
Advertisinginside the magazine 205 X 290 mm trimsize 20.000,00 PLN
Advertising on the second page of magazine cover (page 2) 205 X 290 mm trimsize 35.000,00 PLN
Advertising on the third page of magazine cover (last but one page) 205 X 290 mm trimsize 25.000,00 PLN
Advertising on the fourth page of magazine cover (last page) 205 X 290 mm trimsize 50.000,00 PLN
Advertising inside the magazine facing pages 410 X 290 mm trimsize 40.000,00 PLN


Individual price quotes for sponsored articles, interviews and other non-standard forms of advertising.

Price list of advertising on the website of Magazyn PRESTIŻ who is who:

Website Name of content Price for one month of issue Price forissuing paid for one year in advance advertisement gallery 1.000,00 PLN 10.000,00 PLN

A graphic banner, horizontal or vertical element in an interactive online advertising format, after pointing at it with the mouse, ‘opens up’ in a larger size allowing additional space for presentations. The advertisement may also be a link to the advertiser’s website.

Maximum dimensions after ‘opening’ :

  • 600 x 800 pixels and capacity of up to 100 kB
  • 1000 x 800 pixels and capacity of up to 140 kB

As part of the advertising and promotion activities of companies and individuals as well as organized enterprises, the graphic elements and texts in the form of sponsored articles may be placed on the website of Magazyn PRESTIŻ who is who.

The deadline for submitting advertising orders expires 3 weeks before the month of issuance.

Documents will be treated as ready materials if they are after typesetting and text make-up and have graphic elements and fonts attached and if they have been prepared in accordance with technical conditions mandatory in publishing industry, including colour samples.

The deadline for submitting ready materials is each time established when confirming the order. The conditions of presenting materials in a different form as well as deadlines should be each time arranged with the Promotion and Advertising Department when submitting orders.