Promotion and advertising bureau

If you are interested in:

  • placing your advertisement in the Magazine Prestiż who is who
  • placing an advertisement on the magazine’s website
  • participation in events organized by the Foundation (fairs, conferences, business meetings)
  • making copies of our magazine available to your customers
  • any other kind of cooperation

Please do not hesitate to contact our Promotion Office:

For the foundation’s Partners, the forms of placement of articles, interviews and announcements in Magazine Prestiż who is who are determined individually.

Materials prepared for printing should meet the conditions set out in the technical specifications, which can be downloaded below:

As part of the promotion of companies and private individuals as well as projects implemented by the Foundation, graphic elements and texts in the form of articles may be placed on the website of the PRESTIŻ who is who Magazine.

Basic dimensions of online advertisments:
– 1300 x 1800 pixels
– file size 1000 – 1500 MB

Advertisements prepared for the website should meet the conditions contained in the technical specification, which can be downloaded below:

The forms of placing articles, interviews and announcements on the PRESTIŻ who is who Magazine website are determined individually.

Documents with attached graphic elements and fonts, prepared in accordance with the publishing house’s technical specifications, are considered ready-made materials. A color test must be included.

The conditions for submitting materials and the deadlines should be agreed each time with the Promotion Office.