2 October 2019 00:00

Autumn meeting of PRESTIGE CLUB members at the “Zbrojownia” Restaurant in Crakow

A cyclical autumn meeting of PRESTIGE CLUB members was held at the “Zbrojownia” Restaurant in Crakow. Guests from Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Canada and the USA came to the meeting. The guest of honour was duke Adam Andrew von Rhedey, a descendant of the Hungarian royal family of Aba with a thousand-year tradition.

The agenda of the meeting included several topics, the leading of which was duke Rhedey’s speech related to the creation of a modern elite in the world, emphasizing the role and importance of aristocracy in this endeavour.

PhD Ewa Piacentile from Padua, a prominent Polish community activist, presented in a short elaboration the achievements of Polish science and Polish business in the world.

Mr Robert Galara discussed the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact in terms of its significance for the 4th partition of Poland.

The panels were joined by the participants of the meeting, including Prof. Maria Sierpińska, Prof. Janusz Skalski, Gen. Mieczysław Bieniek and aristocrats –  duke Krzysztof Radziwiłł and count Marcin Zamoyski.

Mrs Agnieszka Michalczyk, the coordinator of the “Debutant Ball” who was present at the meeting, invited the club members to the next “Ball” at the Wilanów Palace, and the editorial staff of the Magazine PRESTIGE whoiswho proposed to Mrs Ewa Rogozińska, an acclaimed expert in international communication and ethics in business, cooperation related to club activities.

After dinner, some club members went to the palace in Paszkówka, the Club’s headquarters, for a socialising event over a glass of wine with guests from Hungary and Slovakia.

20 March 2019 18:48

Spring club meeting - March 9, 2019

We invited two prominent personalities to the “Zbrojownia” restaurant in Cracow for the PRESTIGE CLUB meeting with readers of the PRESTIGE magazine who is who. Professor of medical sciences, Mr Skalski, introduced us to the world of modern medicine, and Robert Galara, a businessman and history fan drew listeners to the history of Cieszyn Silesia.

We listened to both lectures with particular interest, because their subject matter became part of the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of regaining independence by Poland. Professor Skalski, presenting current achievements in the field of, practised by himself, paediatric cardiosurgery, highlighted the scale of problems related to Polish medicine in the context of world medicine progress, at the same time pointing out that Polish child-cardiac surgery has made a breakthrough in the world and nowadays not only does not differ from the world’s top, especially the American one, but is admired and considered one of the best on the globe.

To prove this thesis, the professor used the example of restoring the heartbeat of a 2-year-old girl after a 5-hour cardiac arrest. Polish physicians of this specialisation perform “miracles” in the field of artificial heart implantation. Difficult and the most complex surgical procedures in newborns and infants take place in Cracow. “A training centre with the best technologies, to which doctors from all over the world come, operates in Krakow,” said the professor. After the lecture, there was an interesting discussion.

Equally interesting was a conversation with Robert Galara referring to the history of Cieszyn Silesia during the creation of the Polish state after 123 years of Partitions, when Czech regiments entered the Duchy of Cieszyn in January 1919, and the Polish population in this area was preparing for the plebiscite.  Not widely known facts supported by reliable historical knowledge of the speaker allowed the participants of the meeting to catch up with the common history of the Czechs and Poles during the creation of the foundations of the political existence of both nations.

20 December 2018 00:00

Christmas Eve meeting of Prestige Club members at the Palace in Paszkówka

December occupies a special place in the Club Agenda, as it is the month in which year-long club activities are discussed, as well as plans for the next year. It is also a festive time during which the Christmas Eve is the main event, so the Beskid Mountain Band greeted the participants with the Christmas carol, introducing a Christmas atmosphere.

Before savouring delicacies from the palace kitchen, the invited guest, P.T. Mr Robert Galara, gave a lecture on the dawn of the independent Polish Republic, in connection with the celebration of the 100th anniversary of regaining independence by Poland after 123 years of partitions.

After the break, we had a unique opportunity to see an exhibition of interrelated works by artists from the series “Mirrors”: the works by a photographer, journalist and documentarian Czesław Czapliński and a painter Piotr Jakubczak. Czesław Czapliński turned out to be not only a great narrator describing the artists’ endowments but also an excellent storyteller.

Highlanders playing Christmas carols reminded the guests about Christmas Eve supper, hence the host of the Palace in Paszkówka, Mr Jan Oleksy, showed them to their table. Mutual wishes and toasts complemented this warm, solemn moment.

30 September 2018 00:00

Meeting of members of Prestige Club in the Castle in Grodziec Śląski

The owner of the Castle, Michał Bożek, welcomed guests with the old Polish custom – he shared bread and salt. The castle is undergoing renovation works, so the meeting took place in its ground-floor part.

During the meeting, new Club members presented their professional achievements and plans related to club activities like cooperation with the PRESTIŻ Magazyn who is who as the authors of essays and articles. The latest issue of the magazine was also handed to them.

Urszula Ciołeszyńska, the founder of the “Embassy for Women Entrepreneurship”, presented her new book entitled “Nigdy się nie poddawaj!” (Never give up !) , dedicated to outstanding entrepreneurial women, among whom were also members of PRESTIGE CLUB.

A great surprise was prepared by the Club member, Beata Drzazga, coming to the Castle with a group of artists – soloists from South America whose repertoire originating from several countries of this continent and European hits caused a sensation among the Club members, especially since it was the name day of the host at the Michał Bożek Castle, to whom the artists dedicated some songs. Applause was endless, so the scheduled short concert turned into a spectacle which was an unforgettable experience. The old noble nest – the Castle in Grodziec – was the arena of many events in its centuries-old history, but artists from America were certainly a novelty.

After the concert, inside two knight halls and in accordance with a permanent castle custom, we were spoiled with delicious dishes from the castle kitchen.

Having finished the ceremony, some guests with the prince Krzysztof  Radziwiłł at the helm took advantage of the invitation of Jan Kukuczka and spent the evening at the KUKUCZKA Gallery, where the “Beskidy Integration of Art” took place.

20 June 2018 00:00

Meeting of Prestige Club members at the Kukuczka Gallery

We started the summer, two-day (June 16 – 17, 2018) meeting of the Club members in the Beskidy Mountains, in the Kukuczka Gallery, at the junction of three borders of neighbouring countries: Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The owner of the Gallery, a patron of culture and art, Jan Kukuczka, greeted the guests and presented the agenda of the meeting.

Krzysztof Radziwiłł, who was present at the meeting, gave the host his ancestral prince’s medal in recognition of his outstanding achievements in the field of patronage and promotion of culture and art at the national and international level.

After the official part, Jan Kukuczka guided the guests around the Gallery, presenting works of exhibited artists and gave a lecture about the role and importance of art in the life of modern man.

After the presentation, we listened to a concert by an artist from Ukraine, Krystyna Dutczak, and a highlander band.

After the refreshments in the Gallery, we moved to the nearby “Szarotka” Holiday House, where we discussed during a tasty dinner the plans related to the development of the club activities.

After breakfast, on the second day of the meeting, some of the Club members were exploring the Beskidy Mountains in the company of an excellent guide, who turned out to be Jan Kukuczka – the highlander of flesh and blood, whose mischievous humour and parables articulated in a Highlander dialect gave the trip an unforgettable atmosphere. A common dinner and exchange of opinions about the meeting contributed to nice impressions from the ceremony.