About the magazine

PRESTIŻ who is who magazine is a magazine presenting people of unquestionable authority. It promotes events in the fields of science, business, culture and art. It presents personalities holding leading positions on the global and Polish establishment list. Each issue provides an appropriate forum for the presentation of diverse views.

The magazine presents the considerable achievements of the authors of the texts in the field of their activities, which are often ahead of current trends or fashion and revolutionise ideas about the world. Editorial articles related to the context of important events on the national and international scene comment on them from the authors’ point of view.

PRESTIŻ who is who magazine has been operating on the media market since 2002. During this time, it has developed a brand corresponding to the title.

Currently, the magazine is published by the Help for Ukraine Foundation – OSMTJ KNIGHTS TEMPLAR COMMANDERY of POLAND and UKRAINE. The profile of the Magazine is shaped by events related to the history of the Templar Order. The modern Order is mainly engaged in charitable activities and the protection of human rights. After the geopolitical changes that have recently occurred in the world, the prospects for both forms of this activity have become particularly important for Poland and Ukraine.

The PRESTIŻ who is who magazine, inspired by the values ​​of the medieval Order, makes its pages available to authors who are familiar with the Templar motto: “Non nobis Domine, non nobis, sed nomini Tuo da gloriam!” – “Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to Your name give glory!”