By Wiktoria Kępczyńska:      Scientists, archaeologists, writers, film-makers, myth and legend enthusiasts and even conspiracy theorists have been working for years on the mystery of the origin and existence of the Holy Grail – the chalice or bowl used by Christ at the Last Supper. In all possible theories on this subject one can […]

Words mean a lot

On 6 January 2021, unprecedented dramatic events took place in the American capital. An angry mob of protesters, dissatisfied with the election defeat of their candidate, stormed the heart of American democracy – the Capitol. This event was dubbed an ‘insurrection’ by policy makers and the media on the right and left. The fact that five people were killed there and Donald Trump, who was leaving the White House, was seen as the main instigator adds to the drama of the whole story. And it is these two aspects – the incitement to march on the Capitol as the direct cause and the loss of human lives as a result of these actions – that make it impossible for the political class, and indeed the entire nation, to ignore this circumstance.