Meeting of members and friends of PRESTIGE CLUB at the Castle in Grodziec Śląski

On Saturday, June 15th, PRESTIGE CLUB members met in the Castle in Grodziec Śląski at the next meeting. Michał Bożek, a businessman, patron of culture and art, owner and host of the Castle welcomed guests in accordance with the old Polish custom of bread and salt, especially Gen. Mieczysław Bieńek, Prof. Mariusz Załucki and the custodian of the Castle Dr. Jacek Proszyk, whose lectures became key points in the agenda of the meeting.

Gen. Mieczysław Bieniek presented the book of his co-authorship entitled “The Airborne Troops”, and described the purpose of its creation, emphasizing not only the military “nature” of this scientific study, but also some of its popularising aspects relating to history, purpose, participation, and the role of this type of troops in combat operations. The book with the author’s dedication could be obtained during the meeting. During his lecture entitled “Challenges of Civil Law; can a computer replace a judge?”,

Prof. Mariusz Załucki introduced the members of the club with an interesting concept, which may soon appear in the digital reality of civil law.

The custodian of the Castle, Dr. Jacek Proszyk, discussed the medieval trade route connected with the transport of salt from the Wieliczka mine through Moravia to the Czech Republic, whose road led, among others, through fortresses of such castles as the Castle in Grodziec Śląski. The custodian also gave the Castle owner an original coin, a denarius from the times of the first Piasts dynasty, to enrich the valuable collection of the Castle.

Before dinner, the host Michał Bożek showed the guests around the accessible part of the Castle, telling them about the mysterious and unknown history of this historical site. Club members and guests received the latest issue number 39/2019 of the PRESTIŻ magazine whoiswho.

The dinner consisting of dishes from the Castle kitchen added splendour to the meeting while socialising conversations and questions concerning the discussed topics completed the agenda of the meeting.