Christmas Eve meeting of Prestige Club members at the Palace in Paszkówka

December occupies a special place in the Club Agenda, as it is the month in which year-long club activities are discussed, as well as plans for the next year. It is also a festive time during which the Christmas Eve is the main event, so the Beskid Mountain Band greeted the participants with the Christmas carol, introducing a Christmas atmosphere.

Before savouring delicacies from the palace kitchen, the invited guest, P.T. Mr Robert Galara, gave a lecture on the dawn of the independent Polish Republic, in connection with the celebration of the 100th anniversary of regaining independence by Poland after 123 years of partitions.

After the break, we had a unique opportunity to see an exhibition of interrelated works by artists from the series “Mirrors”: the works by a photographer, journalist and documentarian Czesław Czapliński and a painter Piotr Jakubczak. Czesław Czapliński turned out to be not only a great narrator describing the artists’ endowments but also an excellent storyteller.

Highlanders playing Christmas carols reminded the guests about Christmas Eve supper, hence the host of the Palace in Paszkówka, Mr Jan Oleksy, showed them to their table. Mutual wishes and toasts complemented this warm, solemn moment.