Summer meeting of Prestige Club members

On June 11, 2017, a meeting of the Prestige Club members, the readers of the Magazine PRESTIŻ who is who was held at Grodziec Śląski Castle.

Angelika Jarosławska, the coordinator of Poland 3.0 programme, vice president of the National Cluster of Innovative Enterprises, the creator of the Cluster World brand, representative of the International Network of Women Entrepreneurship Ambassadors, was the guest of this meeting.

Angelika Jarosławska presented an interesting program of post-war Poland, entitled Poland 3.0. It is the largest cluster project in Europe, the bottom-up economic program for Poland, constituting a long-term, coherent policy of economic development based on the industrial potential of the country, innovativeness and Poland’s competitive position in the European Union.

The conclusion of the lecture was that Poland 3.0 is today the only coherent economic project for Poland and for cross-border regions, which will enable Poland to make the most of its transit location, the program that will enable the creation of the Central Industrial District for the 21st century.